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Eric Pankey’s Reliquaries

Tyler Babbie’s 3rd Review: Eric Pankey’s Reliquaries            Eric Pankey’s book Reliquaries did not thrill me much.  It is a very long book of lyric poetry, fifty poems long.  Only a few of the poems reached me.  Those that did were quite good, and those that didn’t weren’t bad.  Just not the flavor I […]

Review No. 2– Stephen Dunn

  Tyler BabbieFinally, I’ve found another recent book and really loved it.  Stephen Dunn’s book Different Hours was published in 2000, and I adore it.  Dunn writes right on the cusp of the confessional and the private, creating a sort of restrained confessional poetry that I really appreciate.  His explorations of love and aging all […]

Review No. 1– John Ashbery

 Tyler Babbie I hadn’t read John Ashbery in a while, so I figured he’d be a good start for my reviews.  I’d rather read older poetry, not because it is established, but because there’s a good chance that someone loves it.  Otherwise it wouldn’t have survived.  If someone loved it, I might, too.  Ashbery was, […]

revisions/ Before the taking of toast and tea

Hello everyone, tyler here.  Here are my revisions to the poem thus far, and a few things that might need another opinion or two.  And I’ll have a better title a little later. ) and your note reached me after the brightlit nighttime in a central park parking lot, it reached me after the notes […]