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Review #3: Philip Levine’s “Breath”

-Philip Levine’s Breath Philip Levine’s Breath was interesting and engaging in its entirety. The subtle themes throughout the sections were addressed throughout the collection as a whole which created quite a pleasurable reading experience. These poems could only be written by a poet who has lived a life full of paying attention to detail. Throughout […]

Review #2: Dave Smith’s “The Wick of Memory”

Dave Smith’s The Wick of Memory The only knowledge I had of Dave Smith was that I heard him read a few of his poems at a poetry reading last Spring. He deliberately chose poems to which the typical student in the attendance could relate. I felt deeply affected by some of his work that […]

Poetry Review #1: R.T. Smith

R.T. Smith’s Brightwood R.T. Smith takes the reader on an adventure through the poetic speaker’s homeland in his collection of poetry titled, Brightwood. The reader is introduced to the overall tone of the collection through the first poem which shares its name with the entire collection. We see a fiddle “fashioned with such ardor, / […]

a few revisions…

I definately took into consideration a lot of things that were discussed in the workshop on Tuesday and tried to tweak things a bit… I’m not sure how to clear up any confusion in the first stanza of the poem regarding the age of the kite-flying character… any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! 🙂 Kite […]