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Poetry Review #3 – Lisa Russ Spaar

Glass Town, a volume of poetry by Lisa Russ Spaar published in 1999, is a sequence divided into four parts. It drew me in right from the beginning with the way the author explicitly shows the layers of meaning the reader goes through to get to a writer’s topic. Before you even get to the […]

Poetry review #2 – another “Compulsions of Silkworms & Bees”

Reading Amanda’s review of Julianna Baggott’s newest volume of poetry really made me want to read it, and I’m glad I took the recommendation. I was intrigued by the idea of an entire set of poems about poetry and the process of writing it, and was curious to see how Baggott would keep her theme […]

Eleanor Wilner’s “Maya” – poetry review

Eleanor Wilner’s first book, Maya, is a dense volume of poetry, but for me, was worth the time I put into it. Her poems tend to have precise, detailed language, which often describes small things in the world around us, in order to gives us glimpses into another. The title of her book comes from […]

Vikings and sea monsters – revisions

Bow   From up here, I look down on the orchestra and watch as the conductor lets them go. Their bows look like a section of choppy ocean, churning in the bottom of this smooth, wood-paneled hall. It must be the kind of wood the Vikings would have killed for. Strong, clean-colored, resonant. With it, […]