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Poetry Review III: Questions About Angels

“Question About Angels” is a book exploring a multitude of imaginative ideas about history and mankind, about myth and reality. What I appreciate about “Questions About Angels” is Billy Collin’s ability to take simple scheme and create a fresh, new meaning. For instance in the poem “Weighing the Dog”, he begins with It is awkward […]

Poetry Review II: The Shine Poems

Calvin Forbes revives an African-American folk character, Shine, in his book “The Shine Poems”. However, Shine is not present for at least ¾ of the book and appears in the fourth section. Forbes focuses on family and the racial tensions between black and white people, as well bittersweet love stories. He describes prejudice and heavy […]

The Fate of the Shipman

Sailor, sailor. Listen to the living spirit of the ocean, to the magic allure of the lyrical sonnet of foaming sea; tantalizing is the slender, watery voice of the beauty that calls you. Come, closer to the hidden reefs underneath the hull. There she is, adorned in the seaweed webbed gown, with shell ornaments and […]


I’m “old”: the children commented in front of me, because they thought I couldn’t hear. But I know they’ll be me in thirty years, So I won’t remind them. It came to me at a garage sale, Browsing through out-of-date Instruments, gadgets, and memories, On Saturday early morning. Three dollars for a busted, barely Operable […]

Poetry Review I – Stanley Kunitz

Stanley Kunitz: a reporter, a soldier, editor, and teacher – these are all the many faces of the poet Kunitz that is reflected in his poetry. He even describes it in his poem The Layers: i have walked through many lives/some of them my own/and I am not who I was… His first book Intellectual […]


Cupid. His cherub cheeks wrinkle with mischievous simper as his cookie-cut wings carry him hushed as a gasp. Those chubby fingers grasp, with purpose and poise, the arrow of your unknown desire from his embossed golden quiver. Without the slightest shiver and the least of suspicion, he aims at your already perfectly functioning heart. The […]


Snow Should we call it an irony? That such a gloomy sky should yield light angelic dust. That uninspiring clouds, who sire such carefree muses, are born milky instead of gray? Carefree muses, hide the barrenness of the trees, and lick the pond with ice, and paint the fields with your paleness; so while we […]

Gustav’s Kiss

Gustav’s Kiss The kiss drips with saffron, saturating the trodden flowers with its honeyed brush strokes underneath their perfect feet; until it becomes a blanket for the lovers to lie down. Sealed under the waning moon, as lolling trees envelop the lure of the landscaped room, perhaps he whispers a simple phrase of three words […]