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Poetry Review: Rita Dove

Rita Dove’s book, American Smooth, contains three definitions just after the dedication page. One entry for American, one for smooth and the last for American smooth: “A form of ballroom dance derived from the traditional Standard dances (e.g., Waltz, Fox Trot, Tango), in which the partners are free to release each other from the closed […]

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Revision #something and I’m still feeling iffy about this poem. Thanks! ~ ~ ~ Two and a Half Minutes Between the oceans of commuters and commerce, the tide flows back and forth from the suburbs with their microwave ovens, knit sweaters, and elliptical machines from last Christmas neatly packaged&stored in the basement. A bank sign […]

Poetry Review: Ted Kooser

I read poetry like I read magazines. I always have the impression that they keep all the really good stuff at the back, so I start with the last page and slowly make my way towards the front of the book. However, this does pose problems with poems in sequence. The system is also disrupted […]

Has anyone ever seen “A Bout de souffle” by Godard?

Anyway, that’s kinda-sorta what I was thinking about when I wrote this. Since it took me this long to post my own writing on this site, I thought I might as well jump in with two feet – especially since I’m not turning this one in to the class. . Drifters Inn . He flips […]

What is Ours (revision of “Midwinter”)

Tonight there are stars – and millions of them. Even though you’re in New York City where stars are forgotten and the streets blaze upwards from yellow curbs and storefront windows. Are we responsible for the words we throw at random into the universe? Carefully censored or those that sputter to life below the layer […]