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Dark Wild Realm

Dark Wild Realm is a collection of poems by Michael Collier, published by Houghton Mifflin. This collection is a narrative of grief and the perception of the world after the loss of a close friend. The collection is split into three sections. The first one gives an account of the death as well as the […]

The Autobiography of Red

The Autobiography of Red is a “novel in verse” by Canadian poet Anne Carson. I’ve always been really into narrative poetry. I think that life situations and stories make the most interesting poems. When I found this “novel in verse” online, I got really excited. The idea of a long poem telling a story seemed […]

The Hollow Log Lounge

The Hollow Log Lounge is a collection of poems written by R. T. Smith and published in 2003 by the University of Illinois Press. Some collections of poetry are held together by a common theme or a common voice. This collection is incredibly interesting, as it is held together by a common setting. The Hollow […]