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Review 3: Mark Haddon

Mark Haddon’s The Talking Horse and the Sad Girl and the Village Under the Sea is an extremely thought-provoking collection of poems, though not necessarily the most accessible.  As of yet, the book is Haddon’s only published venture into poetry, and is the first release since his critically acclaimed and widely consumed novel The Curious […]

Poetry Volume Review: Robert Wrigley

Jenny Fey Robert Wrigley’s “Reign of Snakes” could be fairly classified as a collection of nature poems, but a more accurate description would recognize that Wrigley’s focus is really on people.  In his discussions of death, fear, love, and relationships, Wrigley uses nature to demonstrate the ways that people respond to external stimuli.  Since the […]

Revision: Hallelujah

Sitting with you on this ancient dock, Swaying slightly over the black water– I listen to your voices. They rise together, Filling the yawning stone hollow of Key Bridge, That stretches above us like a cavern Hoisted in the air. They are different, Every one, but together they strike Some secret chord, that slides warmly […]

Revision: The Mammal Exhibit

 From this angle the brilliant White lights rend the glass Invisible.  Smears from fingers And noses disappear.  The giant bear, Reared back on hind legs, lunges for us As we huddle together, unprotected. Herds of visitors steer themselves Around us, between each other, surging As though caught in passing currents. They pause, only to capture […]

Anyone got a title for my sonnet?

Nearby the city tosses in its sleep. Despite the hushing darkness of the night, It shudders with unquiet evening life, Suffering the endless vigils it must keep. The sun has slipped around into the deep, Still snaking streets are bathed in yellow light. The people churn like aimless bees in flight, With bloodshot eyes too […]

Another on Lizzie Borden

In her 2006 volume, “Lizzie Borden in Love” Julianna Baggott takes on the voices of over 20 women as she offers imaginative female perspectives on topics such as death, insanity, love, motherhood, and beauty. Many of the women are famous, but some are not, and it is this juxtaposition of viewpoints that allows the reader […]

Revision to The Prize

The Prize   All alone in the sticky black, Sprawled flat with tired eyes And busy mind:   My friend who cannot sleep Lies awake in the weighty dark With the radio on.   Minty-voiced the talk show hosts Chirp late-night call in offers To the waking dead.   Having phoned them countless times My […]

Revision to The Crossword Puzzle

The Crossword Puzzle   Fifteen acrosses And fifteen downs. Black and white boxes Marked with soft pens.   Sometimes we are tired, We are pushed and We are pressed, And daily Short of time.   Four letters for flip: As I fold the page. Three for my coffee cup And a brown ring stain.   […]

Revisions to Leafing

Poem 1: Leafing I. Do you know about all the poisons in the air? The stranger asked. She held a potted plant So she could breathe as the bus approached. Because they’re everywhere! And they can kill. I looked away but my mouth clamped shut At the scent and site of the stuttering exhaust. II. […]