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“Thirst” by Mary Oliver: A Review

Thirst, by Pulitzer Prize winner Mary Oliver, is a collection of 43 poems mainly centered around the death of Oliver’s longtime partner, and the poet’s various reactions to that sad event. While a number of the poems are typical mourning poems, with memories of good times and reflections on life without that person, the majority […]

“Isle of Palms” Revision- let me know what you think!

Dec. 30, 2006: Sullivan’s Island SC It was his first trip: his first deep sniff of the sea restricted by half-rolled windows smudged with nose- shaped wet. He leaned far into the dark, ready to run eight long backseat hours later. I let loose the frayed leash and with a jingle he darted toward the […]

Review: R.T. Smith’s “Messenger”

I opened this book with not a little hesitation. After coming face to face with R.T. Smith in a class this semester, I decided that he might be a bit too normal to be a good poet. Of course, this shows my ignorance when it comes to the world of poetry, and my limited experience […]

Jon Pineda’s “Birthmark”

“Birthmark,” Jon Pineda’s first book, was a great choice for my own first foray into the reading of full volumes of poetry. The poems, though accessible, were complex and innovative, exploring such themes as racial identity and familial relationships, particularly between a father and child. Pinada, a Tidewater native who now lives in Norfolk, is […]