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Poem Review #3

Carmen Johnson Poem Review #3 C.K. Williams The Singing In his collection of poems, The Singing, C.K. Williams takes his readers through a wide range of conceit and style. The thing that most caught my eye about this collection of poems was the many different styles the poetry had, along with the many different topics […]

Poem Review Two

Carmen Johnson Review #2   Maya Angelou’s Phenomenal Woman               In her collection of poems, Phenomenal Woman, Maya Angelou tackles many issues about being a woman of color. It’s a very short collection of only four poems, but each poem is loaded with different issues about race and gender. The poems are very easy […]

Poem Review #1

Adrienne Rich’s Fox In her collection of poems, Fox, Adrienne Rich takes her readers through a powerful and somewhat strange and complicated series of poems ranging from the conceit of cancer to the conceit of sex and power. Although I was able to follow most of her poems with a pretty good understanding, her sudden […]